Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.

We are a community of women who join together to collectively support non-profits in Broomfield, Colorado. Turning $100 donations into thousands of dollars by harnessing the power of the group.

The History of 100 women who care

100 Women Who Care was started by Karen Dunigan from Jackson, Michigan in 2006.

She was on a Board of Directors for a local hospital and heard there was a dire need for cribs.  It seemed that some newborns going home and having to sleep in boxes or dresser drawers because the new mothers couldn’t afford proper cribs. They needed $10,000.


She decided she would raise the money by asking 10 of her friends for $1000 each. Or maybe 100 of her friends for $100 each. And so she did, and raised $12,800 in one hour.  She knew she was on to something and the idea for “100 WWC” was born.


Today there are over 850 chapters across the country and world-wide, making a powerful impact in their local communities.

So how does it work?

100 Women Who Care Broomfield Guidelines

  1. A chapter may start in any community that’s willing to support a philanthropic effort.

  2. This is a membership group that any woman can join.

  3. To be eligible, a member commits to attending quarterly meetings

  4. Each member commits to donating $100 at each meeting to the chosen non-profit

  5. Meetings are typically 2 hours – with socializing in the first half hour and non-profit presentations and voting for the following 90 minutes..

  6. Eligible members in good standing can nominate a non-profit

  7. The non-profit must be a 501(c )3 and in existence for 2 years

  8. The organization must be local and the funding must benefit the Broomfield community

  9. Once vetted, the name of the nominated organizations are put in a hat

  10. 3 names are randomly drawn at each meeting and the nominating member of each gives a 5 minute presentation on that organizations needs

  11. Presentations need to be short, simple, low tech and from the heart

  12. Each presenting charity has 5 minutes to answer questions from the membership

  13. Membership votes on one charity. The one with majority votes receives the funds

  14. Members write their checks directly to the winning charity before the meeting ends

  15. An impact presentation is made by the winning charity at the next meeting

  16. An organization cannot be nominated for two years after receiving funding

  17. Members who cannot be at a meeting are notified of the winning charity and asked to send their check to them. Members can also make a donation through the charity’s website

  18. The chapter is managed by volunteers with no administrative fees 

  19. The chapter is simply a “pass through” for the collective donation

  20. The chapter can grow as large as it wants

Interested in joining us?

We are so excited to have you join us! Please download this registration form and bring it to our next meeting.