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  • Any woman may become a member - Broomfield resident or not!

  • A member commits to one year - four quarterly meetings.

  • A member commits to donating $100 at each meeting to the chosen non-profit.

  • Fill out this form to become a member. Email it to or bring it to our next meeting. Or register online.

Nominating a Non-Profit

  • Eligible members in good standing can nominate a non-profit.

  • "Good standing" means that all donations have been made for prior meetings.

  • New members can nominate right away with a completed membership form.

  • The non-profit must be a 501(c )3 and directly benefit Broomfield residents.

  • Fill out this form to nominate a non-profit or nominate online.

Choosing the 3 Non-Profits to Present

  • After receiving the nomination form, the non-profit will be vetted by the Steering Committee.

  • All nominated organization names will be put into a hat.

  • More than one member can nominate the same non-profit.

  • Once three different non-profits are selected at random, each nominator will give their short presentation.

Voting and Wrap Up

  • Each member votes for one of the 3 selected non-profit organizations.

  • Only members in good standing can vote.

  • The non-profit with the most votes receives the donations.

  • Members write checks directly to the non-profit before the meeting ends, or, in most cases, make their donation online through the non-profit's website.

  • At the following quarterly meeting, representatives from the winning organization will give a short presentation about how the donation has or will be spent and how that will impact their clients and organization.

  • Organizations cannot be nominated for two years after receiving funding.

  • Members who cannot attend the meeting are notified of the winning non-profit and given instructions on how to send their donation.

  • Members who do not attend the meeting are still required to donate to the selected non-profit.


Our Guidelines

  • The chapter is managed by volunteers with no administrative fees.

  • The chapter is simply a "pass through" for the collective donation.

  • The chapter can grow beyond 100 women

  • The Steering Committee vets non-profit organizations to make sure they fulfill the requirements of benefiting Broomfield residents.

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