Our donations have supported many non-profits in Broomfield. Check out past recipients!

Senior Resources of Broomfield

2020 - Quarter 3

Senior Resources of Broomfield received $10,720!

SRB is an independent, nonprofit organization, striving to improve the quality of life for all seniors and their families and to raising awareness about Broomfield’s seniors’ issues.

**This donation was matched by the Schulze Family Foundation for $5000.

Broomfield Community Foundation

2020 - Quarter 2

Broomfield Community Foundation received $13,100!

Our donations to the Broomfield Community Foundation went to the Disaster Relief Fund for Covid 19 Response and Recovery. The fund is designed to complement the work of public health officials, the Broomfield VOAD, and expand local capacity to address the outbreak as effectively as possible. The funds will help address urgent needs such as food and supplies in this initial response phase. 

**This donation was matched by the Schulze Family Foundation for $5000.

FRIENDS of Broomfield

2020 - Quarter 1

FRIENDS of Broomfield received $10,600! FRIENDS is ​​dedicated to enhancing communities by creating opportunities for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities through an innovative and person centered approach.

**This donation was matched by the Schulze Family Foundation for $5000.

Broomfield Buddies

2019 - Quarter 4

Broomfield Buddies received $9,200! Broomfield Buddies strive to bring together members of the community and non-profit organizations to come alongside schools and support children’s social, emotional, and mental health. They are a designated fund under the Broomfield Community Foundation.

BackStory Theatre

2019 - Quarter 3

BackStory Theatre received $7,800! The mission of BackStory Theatre is to provide affordable performing arts education and performance opportunities for children, adults, and families and broadly accessible live theatre production opportunities for Broomfield, Colorado and surrounding communities.


2019 - Quarter 2

Unabuseable received $6,900! Unabuseable is a non-profit organization dedicated to survivors of Domestic Violence and Abuse, and dedicated to providing Anti-Bullying education and awareness.
Their mission is to make a difference in people’s lives, and provide hope to survivors of Domestic Violence and Abuse beyond what traditional programs can offer. 

The Refuge Cafe

2019 - Quarter 1

The Refuge Cafe received $5,300! ​The Refuge Cafe is a mission center planted in Broomfield, Colorado. Their values include serving and advocating for people in need, especially those who have been forgotten, oppressed or marginalized and welcoming everyone with love, dignity, and hospitality.

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