Any member in good standing can nominate a charity for consideration. 

Please keep in mind that the charities must be local to Broomfield City & County, they must be a 501 (c) 3

All vetted charities will be put into a hat and chosen at random. If you nominate a non-profit, and they are chosen for a meeting, you must give a small speech to the group about the non-profit. 


You only have a handful of minutes so make your pitch count! Be prepared to know about the charity you are presenting to the chapter for funding consideration. It helps to focus on a specific program that needs funding and to talk about the people that particular program will benefit and what it accomplishes in your community. The more specific you are, the more the members will be able to connect their donation with this charity. Don’t speak in generalities or your audience will get lost.


Tug at the hearts of the chapter as much as you inform their heads. Try to leave them with a sense of why you are passionate about this charity, and share at least one story of a real person (or animal) that was impacted by the work of the nonprofit and how it made a difference to them in their life. 


Presentations should be simple and not overly formal – no PowerPoints!


Remember that you must be a member of 100 Women Who Care - Broomfield in order to make a presentation at a meeting.

Have fun!


Be prepared to speak briefly and potentially answer a few questions from the audience about the following:


  1. Start with an engaging opening line. (“Every month, 75 women in our community are involved in a domestic violence dispute.”)

  2. State your name and the name and location of the organization.

  3. State whether they are a recognized nonprofit organization in your community.

  4. State how many months or years that the organization has been in existence. 

  5. Describe the service area of the organization and whom they serve.

  6. State the organization’s mission statement and speak to what they do overall and how their services benefit the community.

  7. Be prepared to speak to the organization’s finances, including the size of their annual operating budget and how much they spend on admin/fundraising.

  8. Describe specifically how our funds will be used, providing some background, if possible, on the following: is this a new or existing program; does the charity have a plan in place to sustain the program after our funds have been used; how many people the funds will impact; whether the program is essential and what our community will miss if it does not get funded; measurements to be used to ensure success of the program and good use of the donation.

  9. Don’t forget to tell a story of a person/animal positively affected by the organization.

  10. End with a heartfelt ask and a thank you.


  1. A chapter may start in any community that’s willing to support a philanthropic effort.

  2. This is a membership group that any woman can join.

  3. To be eligible, a member commits to attending quarterly meetings

  4. Each member commits to donating $100 at each meeting to the chosen non-profit

  5. Meetings are typically 2 hours – with socializing in the first half hour and non-profit presentations and voting for the remaining 90 minutes.

  6. Eligible members in good standing can nominate a non-profit

  7. The non-profit must be a 501(c )3 

  8. The organization must be local and the funding must benefit the Broomfield community

  9. Once vetted, the name of the nominated organizations are put in a hat

  10. 3 names are randomly drawn at each meeting and the nominating member of each gives a 5 minute presentation on that organization's needs

  11. Presentations need to be short, simple, low tech and from the heart

  12. Each presenting charity has 5 minutes to answer questions from the membership

  13. Membership votes on one charity. The one with majority votes receives the funds

  14. Members write their checks directly to the winning charity before the meeting ends

  15. An impact presentation is made by the winning charity at the next meeting

  16. An organization cannot be nominated for two years after receiving funding

  17. Members who cannot be at a meeting are notified of the winning charity and asked to send their check to them. Members can also make a donation through the charity’s website

  18. The chapter is managed by volunteers with no administrative fees (Coord & Steering Comm)

  19. The chapter is simply a “pass through” for the collective donation

  20. The chapter can grow as large as it wants